The Vaucluse Departement - Population : 1,468 inh.

puce Between Avignon and Carpentras, 13km East of Avignon via the N100 then the D6.

Jonquerettes, church Located on the slopes of a hill this small village is really no more than a hamlet sitting pleasantly amongst the vine fields and next to the forest of Saint Jean.
The houses cluster around the church and the still inhabited chateau..
Jonquerettes, street
Here, calm is the order of the day. There are no shops apart from the cellar of the Saint Jean vineyard.
Despite this the village is till very charming with its ancient buildings and renovated farms.
Jonquerettes, fountain
Opposite the small town hall a water drinking fountain is sure draw your attention.
Imagine a simple pipe system which is linked to a normal irrigation system, all attached to the walls of the chateau... It's worth taking a look, very unusual!

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puce What to see:

Saint-Andre's church, Roman.
XIV° century Chateau.


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puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Saint Saturnin les Avignon (1 km), Châteauneuf de Gadagne (2 km) and Le Thor (7 km).