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Althen des Paluds

Between Avignon (17 km to the East) and Carpentras (12 km to the West) on the D942.

Althen des Paluds,street
Althen les Paluds is one of the most recent villages in the Vaucluse, dating from the middle of the 19th century.
It extends over a 6.25 km² plain where the predominant crop is madder.
Althen des Paluds, city hall and statue
Madder is a plant which was formerly cultivated for its root with which one made the red dyes (the soldiers of the war of 1914 had red madder uniforms).
This famous madder plant("Garance" in french) was the source for the wealth of a certain Jean Althen, who brought fame and his name to the hamlet which was given municipality status in 1845 and in 1872 became the centre of production of this plant, its capital so to speak.
Althen des Paluds, street
At Althen you will discover a small village centre, laid out along three main streets, lined with indispensable shops: book store, bank, bakery and a small minimarket.
The oldest part of Althen is the neighbourhood of the town hall. This ancient building is crowned with a fine wrought iron bell tower and the town clock.
Althen des Paluds, bell tower
While this little village may not be a major tourist attraction, its church is a fine example of beautiful architecture and its closeness to Avignon is an advantage.

What to see

The parish church.
The unspoilt banks of the Sorgue.

Leisure activities

Bicycle touring.


Bed and breakfast.
Vacation rentals - Gites.


Entraigues sur Sorgues (3 km), Monteux (8 km) et Vedène (9 km).

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