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Between Avignon and Carpentras, 11 km North east of Avignon.

Vedene, the castle
Vedene is lucky to have a hill top chateau in its area. The chateau is still partly inhabited and protects the village houses which cluster wisely around.

Above the Rue Frederic Mistral which is the shopping street, wide stepped streets bordered by stone walls climb up to the chateau.
Vedene, the Montee du Barri
Close by, dark, narrow streets spread as far as the very beautiful Parish Church. To get back to the main street you need to take a street which has a peculiar name, in provencal Roumpo quieu : rompe cul... broken bottom, be careful, you have been warned...
A tower, pierced by a gateway marks the end of this perilous journey!
Vedene, stairway
Lower down, and located in a beautiful building protected by two enormous columns you can find the Cercle du Progres which has 300 members.
You need to be a member to drink in this interesting cafe, and it is one of only five similar establishments which remain in the Vaucluse... Don't miss it !

What to see

XVIIIth century Clock tower and wrought iron belfry.

Leisure activities

Golf 18 hole course. Boulodrome. Swimming pool. Tennis.
Fishing. Horse Riding.
Market, Tuesday morning.


Bed and breakfast.
Vacation rentals.


St Saturnin les Avignon (3 km), Entraigues sur la Sorgue (5 km), Jonquerettes (5 km) et Le Pontet (5 km).

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