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La Roque sur Pernes

11 km south of Carpentras.

La Roque sur Pernes, fountain, bench and landscape
Perched on a rock and surrounded by magnificent countryside, the small village of La Roque sur Pernes enables you to fully appreciate the natural wonders of this glorious region as it offers numerous look-out points over the "Monts de Vaucluse".
La Roque sur Pernes, in the village
Relics dating back to the stone age and the bronze age prove that this village, planted in rock, has been inhabited since ancient times.
Dominated by its 11th century chateau which has been restored at different periods over the centuries (unfortunately not open to the public), the village has a rich historic past with episodes of glory, ruin, abandon and reconstruction..
La Roque sur Pernes, calade street
Today, thanks to the restoration work carried out by the local government, you can merrily wander amongst the beautiful cobble-stone streets and discover all the charm of La Roque sur Pernes down to the tiniest detail!.
La Roque sur Pernes, landscape
On the "route de Saumane", you can also visit a superb collection of "bories" which are typical of the region (small round huts made of dry stone and formerly used by shepherds).

What to see

XI° century Castle (no visits).
XI° century Saint Pierre Saint Paul church.
"Bories" on Saumane road.
"Calades" streets in the village.

Leisure activities

Hiking. Horse riding. Mountain biking.
Village votive fair 2nd week end of July.
Summers concerts and events.
Art crafts: potery.


Tourist residence. Vacation rentals.
Bed and breakfast.

Village de La Roque sur Pernes.
La Roque sur Pernes.
La Roque sur Pernes, Vaucluse.


Le Beaucet (3 km), Saint Didier (5km), Pernes les Fontaines (6 km) et Venasque (10 km).

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