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Saint Pierre de Vassols

Situated 11 km north-east of Carpentras via the D974.

Saint Pierre de Vassols, street and landscape
The village of Saint Pierre de Vassols is a stone's throw from Mont Ventoux. It stands on a hillock, in the middle of agricultural land.
The specialities of St Pierre de Vassols are table grapes; cherries, olive trees and truffes.
Saint Pierre de Vassols, house
In the old centre of Saint Pierre all the houses have been renovated, which makes the village look very smart.
There are several farms in the municipality, such as Jean Spati's farm in the district of Souquetons.
Saint Pierre in Vassols, flowery village
He'll invite you to a demonstration of truffle-sniffing dogs, and maybe he'll then cook up a "brouillade de truffe" (scrambled eggs with truffles), for you to taste, a local speciality. While there you can buy this famous black diamond, called a "rabasse" in Provencal.
There's only one bar in the village centre. Shopping sprees will have to wait till you get to the nearest town Carpentras (15 km) or Avignon which is just 30 km away.

What to see

Jean Spati's farm.
The church.

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Bed and breakfast.
Vacation rentals.


Modène (1,3 km), Caromb (3 km), Crillon le Brave (3km) et Mazan (6km).

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