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10 km North of Orange on the D11.

Uchaux, restaurant
Uchaux is surrounded by wonderful landscapes of forests and vine fields. The commune spreads over a large area with dispersed residential areas concentrated in a number of hamlets.
There is no real village center but a number of "villages" in the forested valleys and hills
Uchaux, city-hall
1.5 km from the hamlet of La Galle, direction Bollene, you will discover the Castellas which is the oldest district of Uchaux, you will find the remains of a castle, today largely covered by vegetation.
At the exit of the town towards Rochegude, you will notice two pillars over two meters high which mark the border between the Vaucluse and the Drome.
Uchaux, houses
Uchaux also has some beautiful forests which offer superb walks, a signed botanical nature trail where you can discover the different plant species of the area.
Uchaux, tiny street
Depending on the season you can pick some wild mushrooms or blackberries and if you are especially lucky go home with one or two beautiful truffles.

Leisure activities

Hiking and Walking. Mountain Biking. VTT.


Vacation rentals.


Rochegude (5 km), Sérignan du Comtat (6 km), Piolenc (7 km) et Mornas (9 km).

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