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Beaumont du Ventoux

Between Vaison and Carpentras on the D938, then on the D153, 3 km east of Malaucene.

Beaumont du Ventoux, landscape
Mont Serein on the majestic Mont Ventoux is located in the Beaumont du Ventoux municipality. It is the only ski resort in the Vaucluse.
The Beaumont du Ventoux municipality is situated in a mountainous zone, northwest of the Ventoux massif, in an 8 km cool, fertile and sheltered valley. The altitude of Beaumont du Ventoux varies between 351 and 1,909 metres (the summit of Mont Ventoux).
Beaumont du Ventoux, landscape
Beaumont du Ventoux is unusual in that instead of being one village, it is made up of nine hamlets: l'Eglise, Les Cabanes, Piolon, Pierlaud, La Tuilière, Les Valettes, Sainte-Marguerite, Les Alazards. The ninth hamlet was created about thirty years ago at the Mont Serein ski resort (1400 metres altitude ). The first hamlet you come across is Piolon where the mairie is located.
Beaumont du Ventoux, houses To discover the hamlets of Beaumont du Ventoux, let yourself be guided by the charming little Rieufroid stream which runs through the valley on its way to the Groseau. On its journey it supplies water to all the fountains scattered throughout the hamlets. The local people, (called Beaumonais) earn their living from agriculture and culture of the famous Beaumont cherry, their 'little queen'. On your jouney you will have many opportunities to appreciate the splendid landscapes of orchards that seem to go on forever. When they are in bloom they look like a marvellous Garden of Eden.
Beaumont du Ventoux, wash-house
It has come to light that the local Combe du Maupas quarry near the hamlet of Les Alazards was used by the Romans to supply stone for the construction of monuments in Vaison-la-Romaine. Some interesting remains were discovered in the 19th century, particularly three large stones found in 1858, which can now be seen in front of Sainte-Marguerite chapel. They bear an incomplete inscription concerning a prominent Roman figure from the first century A.D., buried in Beaumont.
The chateau of Beaumont le Vieux, built towards the end of the 10th century under the reign of the Counts of Toulouse, was probably destroyed during the wars of religion (16th century). All that remains is a ruined tower that can be seen from nearby.
A ski centre on Mont Serein makes it possible to enjoy winter sports from January to the end of March. Eight ski lifts are available to skiers. Even though Mont Serein is part of Beaumont, you cannot get to it via the village. You must take the D 974 from Malaucène.
Beaumont du Ventoux, road
In summer you will appreciate the quality of the climate here (no heat waves) and the numerous walks in the heart of nature. Mont Serein is a protected area (biosphere). In summer during the transhumance period you may come across whole flocks of sheep. Do not miss the "nature interpretation trail" dedicated to the famous entomologist Jean Henri Fabre. Note also that a museum on this theme, which is open to all, has been created in the village of Sérignan du Comtat (5 km north of Orange).

What to see

St Roch church (17th century).
Roman quarries.
Discover the rural chapels of St Sépulcre (12th century).
Ste Marguerite and Ste Sidoine (medieval).
The municipality proposes a guide to the chapels. Inquire at the town hall.

Leisure activities

Walking. Botanic trail. Climbing.
Downhill skiing. Snowshoeing.
Cross-country skiing, in winter at the Mont Serein village ski resort.


Group accommodation (chalet at the ski resort).


Malaucène (3 km), Entrechaux (8 km), Suzette (11 km) et Bedoin (16 km).

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