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Situated 17 km south of Vaison-la-Romaine via the D938 then the D90.

Suzette, the village
In the heart of the Dentelles de Montmirail (eastern side), Suzette is a small village clinging to a rocky outcrop at an altitude of 410 metres in the middle of the Saint-Amand cirque.
Suzette, church
At the last crossroads before you arrive at the village, you can't miss the huge orientation table.
It's made entirely from ceramic, and indicates all the possible destinations, from the closest village to more distant cities such as Geneva (245 km), Grenoble (135 km), Milan (350 km)... as the crow flies of course.
Suzette, house
From the road, as you approach the village, you'll see Suzette standing out between the vine terraces, framed by superb scenery.
You'll love strolling around the village's picturesque little streets. You can slake your thirst at the Les Coquelicots restaurant-bar just below the mairie. Its terrace is a wonderful viewing point.
Suzette, landscape
The view from the pass in the chain of hills enables you to appreciate the contrast between the two sides. There are not many houses making up the village, but the architectural harmony of the stone structures gives it a lot of cachet.
A lovely walk: To leave the village, take Le Barroux, road, where avenues of Provence trees border fields of vines wisely planted in broad terraces... the perfect Provence cliché.

What to see

The church which is a jewel of Roman art.
Orientation table. Little streets. Landscape.

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Lafare (4 km), Le Barroux (6 km), Beaumes de Venise (7 km) et Malaucène (8 km).

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