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15 km North of Avignon via the N7.

Bedarrides, the Ouveze river
Situated at equal distance (15km.) from the three main towns in the Vaucluse, Avignon, Carpentras and Orange, Bedarrides is located just off the N7.
This circular large market town can be discovered by taking the old Ouveze bridge, erected in 1647.There are picnic facilities and a sports area on the banks of the Ouveze.
Bedarrides, gate
Also called the "City of 7 rivers", Bedarrides is an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers.
As you visit the village, you will realise that it has been able to preserve some of the traces of its past: the Sainte Croix gate, Place du 4 septembre, guarded by its two ancient plane trees, marks the entrance to the main thoroughfare, the Grand rue Charles De Gaulle.
Bedarrides, street
The Comtat Venaissin stonework gate located in rue Petite Fontaine, and the Poustarlon gate located in rue Vacquerie connect the old centre to the Ouveze quay.
Bedarrides, square, church and city-hall
The church of Saint Laurent in its square is listed as a historic monument, and has an interesting history... It was here, within its walls, that the document unifying the Comtat Venaissin with France was signed on 18th August, 1791.
The church's portal, the paintings by Nicolas Mignard and Joseph H Aubanel, Henri II's chapel and the stained glass window of two penitents make this a very worthwhile visit.
Bedarrides, bridge over the Ouveze river
Built between the Montreal hill and the plateau of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Bédarrides is situated on the "wine trail" (la route des vins) for Cotes du Rhone and Chateauneu du Pape.
Lovers of good wine can visit some wine estates to bring back some "memories"... for their cellar..

What to see

A beautiful parish church.
The covered rotunda fountain.
The triple arch Romanesque bridge over the Ouveze.
The "Oxygene" tropical aquarium. The marine museum.

Leisure activities

Tennis. Riding.
Boules. Walking. Fishing.
Spa, wellness massages in a guest house


Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals - Gites.


Sorgues (5 km), Courthézon ( 6km), Entraigues sur la Sorgue (7 km) et Châteauneuf du Pape (8 km).

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