The Vaucluse Departement - Population : 85 inh.

puce Situated 30 km east of Vaison la Romaine and 16 km north of Sault.

Savoillan, the village Savoillan is a small isolated village, lying at the foot of the north slope of Mont Ventoux, in the Sault area bordering both the Drome and the Alpes de Haute Provence.
Here you are in the Land of lavender and spelt wheat. In July when the lavender is in full bloom, the sight of the mauve fields speckled with golden wheat is magical.
Savoillan, terrace
Savoillan is an alpine village on the left bank of the Toulourenc amidst hills and high plateaux covered with oaks, beeches and pine trees.

When you walk around you will doubtless have the impression that you have stepped out of normal time. Savoillan is right off the beaten track, in complete stillness, away from the major roads.
Savoillan, v
There are not many monuments to admire, or activities (the village only has 90 inhabitants), but you must not fail to visit the extremely interesting St Agricol de Savoillan farm.
This agronomic experimentation centre, installed in an impressive 17th century building, specialises in the study of aromatic, medicinal and perfume plants.
Savoillan, church
Amongst other things, you will of course be able to discover the numerous lavender varieties, and watch demonstrations of the distillation principle.
There are guided visits of the farm and botanical gardens every day from mid-June to mid-September, and by appointment during the rest of the year.


puce What to see:

Experimental farm with aromatic plants and lavender.


puce Leisure activities:

Walking. Handicrafts.


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puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Brantes (4 km) and Saint Léger du Ventoux (9 km).