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Camaret sur Aigues

Located on the "Princes' road" (Route des Princes), 6 km east of Orange on the D 975.

Camaret sur Aigues, tower
Camaret sur Aigues is a large circular-shaped village that has several gates allowing access within the ramparts..
The Cours du Levant circles the village. On this street you will find shops and boutiques interspersed between the avenues of ancient plane trees.
Camaret sur Aigues, Saracen tower
You will also discover a variety of architectural curiosities here: a square Saracen tower, erected in the 13th century, which was perhaps a seigneurial residence or the local seat of power.
The "Maison Beque" was built as a private mansion in 1750 for a farmer general of the Serignan barony, and is now an exhibition centre.
Camaret sur Aigues, fontaine pres in la tour in l'horloge
The "Horloge" (clock) gate, crowned with a fine wrought iron campanile, was built on one of the rampart gates in the 18th century.
The recently restored 12th century chapel now hosts numerous cultural events.
Camaret sur Aigues, gate of the old village
Economic life in the village is centred around two main activities: food processing industries that have been set up in the area, such as Nestle France and Le Cabanon, a tomato and vegetable canning factory.
The second activity is wine growing.
Camaret sur Aigues, Cafe du Siecle
Camaret is in the "appellation controlee" area for Cotes du Rhone and Cotes du Rhone village. Six privately-owned wine cellars perform bottling and direct sales.
Traditionally Camaret is one of the main rootstock territories (American vines) and supplies the main European vineyards with vine grafts.

What to see

The clock gate with two Ravelin towers with iron campanile.
Square Saracen tower, built in the XIII°.
The Beque House, mansion of the XVIII°.
The church of Saint Andéol (XVIII°) and the Saint Andéol chapel (XII°).

Leisure activities

Walking, horse-riding and motoball.
Night club, tennis, fishing.


Bed and breakfast.
Vacation rentals.


Travaillan (3 km), Sérignan du Comtat (4 km), Orange (6 km), Violès (7 km) et Jonquières (8 km).

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