La Motte

The Var Departement - Population : 3,111 inh.

puce North of route N7 between Le Muy (5km.) and Draguignan (12km.)

La Motte, city hall Located on the river Endre, this large village is special due to the great red rocks that border it on one side and its golf course : St. Endreol.
The Nartuby river goes through the village to the south and at the spot called Saut du Capelan there is an impressive waterfall.
La Motte, Saint Endreol Golf course
This area is charming and green, and the local wine is the pride of the people as is the golf course, one of the prettiest around..
Bit by bit throughout walks and strolls one discovers the charms of La Motte an the soul of a Provencal village: the silence, theflowered passages and arcades, and the shaded squares with their fountains gushing clear water.

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puce What to see:

Memorial on the road to Bagnols: La Motte was the first village to be freed on August 15, 1944.
St. Victor Church. The clock tower. The Place Tressavaou.


puce Leisure activities:

Fishing. Tennis.
Mountain biking.
Horseback riding. Hiking.
The Moulin de Pizay.
The Saut du Capelan.


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Trans en Provence (6 km) and Les Arcs (7 km).

La Motte, street La Motte, calade street La Motte, fountain