The Var Departement - Pop.: 176 inh.

puce 44 km north of Draguignan on the D955 towards Castellane.

Trigance, the village

Trigance is a beautiful medieval village sheltered from the rampart formed by the exterior walls of its houses with thick masonry.

The village is proudly dominated by its castle which now houses a luxury hotel-restaurant.

Trigance, church

Trigance hides under the four big towers of its 11th century castle real treasures to go back in time: the parish church of St Michel (15th) with its square bell tower, several chapels, the village portal, the dovecote, the campanile, the well...

Trigance, calade street

You will be charmed...

While strolling through its small streets, you will find beautiful facades of old residences, arched passages, lintels with decorated patterns, stepped streets and old signs.

Trigance, square
Trigance is an ideal starting point for visiting the Gorges du Verdon.

It is a typical village of Haute Provence, dominating the Jabron valley, itself bordered by fragrant hills.

The aromatic scents, the invigorating air and a particular light give a certain charm to the place.

Trigance, goat cheese

Lovers of nature and tranquility can walk there and discover the Botanical Path, exposing the local flora.

A great fragrance of authenticity emerges from the whole.


puce What to see:

The fortified castle.
Church. Clock tower.
Chapel St. Roch.


puce Leisure activities:

Walks. Mountain bike.
Botanical paths.


puce Accommodation:

Vacation rentals rentals and gite.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Comps sur Artuby (10 km), Le Bourguet (12 km) and Brenon (13 km).