The Var Departement - Population : 1,547 inh.

puce Between the sea and Lake St. Cassien, on route D38 which goes to Auribeau sur Siagne (9km.).

Tanneron, inn and terrace
Tanneron is a quiet little village situated in the extreme east of Var, next to the Alpes Maritimes.
It is the capital of the Tanneron Massif so well known for the abundance of its fine mimosa.
Tanneron, view
Don't miss the beautiful composition of yellow foliage during the flowering season from January to March.


puce What to see:

Medieval chapel Notre Dame de Peygros (above the village).
Terrace with fabulous view.


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking : Tanneron path.
St. Cassien Chapel. Hameau Les Majoris
Excursions : Lake Saint Cassien with water sports (no motors).


puce Accommodation:



puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Auribeau sur Siagne (9 km), Montauroux (17 km) and Les Adrets de l'Esterel (25 km).