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On route D561 which links Rians (5km.) to Varages (13km.).

Discover the village of Artigues

Village d'Artigues

Artigues is located at the bottom of the hill where one can find the ruins of the old medieval town. lt was in this little village that the oldest dwellings of Europe were discovered dating 40,000 years before our time.

Mur de pierres à Artigues

The prehistoric cave of La Rigabe The prehistoric cave found in the hill proves the existence of people living tsere in 60,000 B.C. Today the 228 inhabitants of Artigues live peacefully in a peaceful countryside that nothing can disturb. Small paths will guide you to discover the magnificent landscapes that surround the village.

Domaine de Mongestine

If you're interested in winegrowing, come and find out about the methods and stages involved in making an organic wine, from tending the vines, to winemaking techniques depending on the purpose, to discovering the grape varieties at Domaine de la Mongestine.

What to see

Eglise Sainte Foy (1945).
The archives hold one of the oldest cadastres in France (15th century).
Gallo-Roman tours in the hill (not open to the public, private property).
Wine domaine

Leisure activities



See Rians (7km), Varages (16km), Jouques (18km) or Saint Maximin (23km).


Esparron de Pallières (6 km), Saint Martin de Pallières (9 km) et Varages (16 km).

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