The Var Departement - Population : 870 inh.

puce 10 km. south of route N7 at the level of Tourves. Take D5 to La Roquebrussane then turn left on D64.

Mazaugues The name Mazaugue is taken from the Provencal word "maougo" which means "mass of air". While visiting the outskirts of the village you will understand why this name was chosen.
Mazaugues is surrounded by high hills, some of which reach 900 m.
Mazaugues, quare
Because of its mountain atmosphere and its cool air Mazaugue makes a snarp contrast with the neighboring villages.
The houses rise up in tiers, some having attractive ancient doorways in the upper part of the village. .
There are fabulous walks to take outside the village.


puce What to see:

The ice houses of Fontfrege: great cylinders ot stonewhich were used until the end of the 19th c, as natural refrigeration.
The winter's ice was stored here and in the summer was delivered at night to the cities of Marseilles and Toulon.
Nearly 200 people were employed here.


puce Leisure activities:

GR9 leaving from Signes goes through Mazaugues.
Walks : Mourre d'Agnis at 915m., the path also joins up with the Ste Baume massif.


puce Accommodation:

Holiday rentals. Gites.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

La Roquebrussane (6 km), Gareoult (12 km) and Plan d'Aups (20 km)

Mazaugues, church Mazaugues, square with its fountain