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On D955 which links Draguignan (15km.) to Castellane (45km.).

Montferrat, village main square
On the road which leads to the Gorges de Verdon halfway between the sea and the mountains, is Montferrat, the last village before the military camp Canjuers
The little town is overlooked by the chapel Notre Dame de Beauvoir and the castle ruins.
Montferrat, typical house
While strolling about the tiny streets, one can discover a beautiful fountain dating back to 1751, and just outside the village are oratories, castle ruins, and the Pierreport chasm.
One cannot speak of Montferrat without mentioning the military camp Canjuers, one of the largest training centers in Europe, which is partly on village land and continues on to the north.
Montferrat, restaurant terrace
The little road that leads to Comps runs through a portion of it which is open to the public, but parkin is forbidden. This is torture to the Varois people in the fall since there is great mushrooming here!
Oddly, the presence of the camp has kept nature in a wild state, trout fishing on the banks of the Nartuby is an example.
Montferrat, bar-tabacco store
The Plans de Canjuers are desert-like spreads of land, similar to the Causses Languedociennes. These landscapes, remindful of the American west, stretch out for 20 km. south of the cliffs of Verdon.
The Petit Plan (alt, 800m.) and the Grand Plan (alt. 900m.) are full of chasms and sinkholes and in the summer these high plateaus are blue withlavander.

What to see

Feudal castle ruins.
Notre Dame de Beauvoir chapel.
Chateau de Beaudron.

Leisure activities

French bowls. Hiking.




Châteaudouble (5 km), Bargemon (10 km) et Comps sur Artuby (17 km).

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