The Var Departement - Population : 2,622 inh.

puce Between Brignoles (20 km) and Toulon (35 km).

Neoules, statue This charming village leaning up against the massifs of St. CIement and Verrerie is opposite great fields of crops that change color vvith the seasons. Here is natural countryside with no unsightly building and on the horizon is the Montagne de la Loube..
Néoules is outside highly traveled noisy routes. You don't go through Neoules, you come to visit; and it is worth the trip. This is Provence: fountains, piane trees, shady café terraces, and the old folks reading and commenting on the newspaper while sitting on the bench outside the church.
Neoules, square
At first glance Neoules will seem like a peaceful village... It is, but it is also one of the most dynamic of Var. There are about 20 different organisations which work on events and activities for the village and set up cultural exchange..
The pride of these cultural activities is the Neoules Music Festival which takes place every second half of July and engages prestigious musicians. The concerts are held in the park inside an old "bastide" surrounded by oaks. The festival winds up on a convivial note with dinner and music outside.


puce What to see:

1570 castle across from the town hall.
St. Batiste Church, 1576, renovated in 1656.
2 dolmens 3km. from the village : specialists doubt their authenticity!


puce Leisure activities:

Tennis. Bike riding.
Hiking in the area : St. Thome, St Clement peak (705m alt.).


puce Accommodation:

Holiday rentals.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

La Roquebrussanne (5 km), Garéoult (5 km), etMéounes les Montrieux (6 km).